He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. ~St. Francis of Assisi

May we each strive to do ALL that we do as an artist working as unto the Lord for His glory! Thanks for stopping in to visit! ~Cara Louise

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crochet Projects Waiting in the Wings

Oh I cannot wait until my arm feels better so I can bend my elbow and work on crochet again! I've got a 'wish list' of projects I want to work on.

First project, which is going to be attempted starting tomorrow actually- pain or not- is an Angels For Hope ministry angel. Angels for Hope is a nonprofit organization that offers free crocheted angels for anyone in need of hope. We attach a small card to the Angel to say to an injured or ill person, you are not alone, others do care, and you are in our thoughts and prayers. I have been a volunteer crocheter (crochetist?) for this group for about a year now, sending an angel out every week, and I can't begin to tell you how blessed I feel to be able to do this. An upcoming post will be devoted solely to Angels For Hope...

Next on my project want-to list is this gorgeous Wedding Lace doily from Crochet Memories:

I bought this pattern several weeks ago, thinking it would make a lovely offering for my shop for June weddings...well, yes it WOULD make a lovely offering, but it doesn't look like it will be for THIS June!

Also from Crochet Memories, this super lovely treetop angel:
I saw a picture of her done with sparkly pink thread and knew then I just had to have her! She will be part of my Christmas 2012 shop selections.

Of course, there will be more mini angels and snowflakes to crochet up for Christmas and for upcoming craft fairs also.

And then there are these 2 drool-worthy pattern books I purchased
which I hear constantly calling me:

Extra Special Doilies
by Mary Werst 


Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies
by Patricia Kristoffersen

There are some oh-so-exquisite stitch combinations that I am just itching to get at! Speaking of itching, my heat rash from yesterday has subsided, thankfully, despite having to go outside in the heat again today at my not-so-temporary part-time job.

I will let you know how tomorrow's crochet attempt goes. I will be trying to keep my arm as straight as possible, and hope that I will still be able to see what I am doing. The glasses I use for close-up work won't be very effective at arm's length, and the glasses I use for distance won't be of use either, so it's going to be eyeballs au naturel- yikes!

Keep smiling! ~Cara Louise

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  1. Oh how I wish I had the time to crochet. My grandmother crocheted all the time until arthritis got the best of her hands. You do beautiful work Cara. I pray your elbow is better soon.

  2. I'm so glad you started a blog! It's so cheery and happy here, except for the elbow pain, of course. The photo you've chosen for your banner is beautiful; is it something you've made?

    I sympathize with your elbow pain; I've got a wee bit of wrist/elbow achiness of my own, although via different injury. I hope you can get back to crocheting soon. If you're like me, the hands just aren't happy unless they're hooking or knitting!

  3. I just love your crocheted cross with roses. It's so beautiful!